Redwood Fences & Gates

Curved Pergola

Redwood Pergola Projects

  • As part of a new gate project
  • Added to an existing gate
  • Adds strength to gate posts
  • Supports Plants or Lights

Different Styles and Options

  • Flat top
  • Curved
  • Any spacing for the purlins (cross pieces that support plants)
  • Width and height to suit your preferences
  • Two or four posts


Beginning in 2023 I have a Price List you can use for common projects. I will always visit you to discuss your project. I can point out any special aspects of your project and raise different options for your consideration. I always make you a formal, written offer even for work with prices. Those offers are good for six months.

For other projects I make estimates (not bids). I try to make them clear and comprehensive, but they are still just estimates made before some of the details of the work are even knowable.  

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