Redwood Fences & Gates

Redwood Fence Projects

  • Post Replacement and general fence repairs
    • Replacing posts without damaging the fence or plants on it
    • Get the most life from the rest of the fence
    • Much less expensive than a new fence
  • Replace chainlink fence with a redwood fence
  • New fence using existing concrete post bases
  • Short fence sections to close off back yard
  • I use only construction heartwood (all pink) for maximum durability
  • Lowest carbon footprint projects (most projects are carbon-negative)
  • Garbage, Recycling and Composting bin enclosures

Different Fence Styles and Options

  • Good neighbor – looks the same on both sides
  • One sided, aka “least cost”, where one side can see the 2x4s and posts
  • Welded wire on steel posts, with or without a privacy screen
  • Hog wire or Cattle fence with redwood frames
  • Hiller-Highland style fences with battens and toppers
  • Craftsman style fences where fasteners are mostly hidden
  • Premade lattice installation and custom sized lattices
  • Gentle sloping fences either angle topped or stair stepped
  • With or without a pressure treated retaining wall (up to 12”)
5′ 6″ Horizontal fence
4′ Good Neighbor fence with 16″ custom lattice
4′ Tongue-n-Groove with 13″ lattice and custom post toppers
4′ Framed Hog Wire fence and gate


Beginning in 2023 I have a Price List you can use for common projects. I will always visit you to discuss your project. I can point out any special aspects of your project and raise different options for your consideration. I always make you a formal, written offer even for work with prices. Those offers are good for six months.

For other projects I make estimates (not bids). I try to make them clear and comprehensive, but they are still just estimates made before some of the details of the work are even knowable.  

There is always a one-hour minimum for any project, but no fence or gate project is too small if you are in my area of service.

Service Area

I limit my work area to the flat parts of North Oakland and Berkeley, plus Emeryville, and parts of West Oakland. In general my range is limited to a ten minute drive from my home near San Pablo & Stanford/Powell street.

Contact Me

The best way to reach me is via email at:

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The sections of this Picket Fence are removable to allow for gardening next to the house
This is Least Cost fence with overlapping fence boards for improved privacy.
The fence is built on the steel posts that used to support a cyclone fence on this wall.
This is a Hiller Highland-style fence with a gate
There was a sewer pipe where I wanted to put a post, so I put a post 2′ away and connected it to the fence like a flying buttress. Then the fence took a detour around a tree. This is what my client needed and I was happy to provide it.
A cladded cyclone fence added a lot of privacy to my client’s back yard.
The gate still allows access to the yard.
This was a section of a very long Good Neighbor fence.

Here is a video that shows a good neighbor gate in the above fence: