Nosefish Shower

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Here the pilot hole for the screw eye is being drilled. Use a bit that is small enough so the threads still bite into the wood. But large enough so the wood won't split when you screw it. You can practice on a scrap of wood if you aren't sure of what size bit to use. I used a 5/32" drill bit.
After drilling a pilot hole you can screw them in by hand, or insert a screwdriver through the hole for more leverage.
Each vertical riser fits in a corner.
This is a bungie ball. They are great for securing tarps to domes too!
Insert the bungie ball through the screw eye like this.
Wrap it around the vertical riser enough times so it needs to be streached to reach the ball.
Put the free end over the ball.
I attached an extra screw eye so that I could attach a bungie cord to it. The other end of the bungie cord secures the end of the rope from which the shower hangs.
I tied a loop in the rope which holds the shower, cliped on a metal loop. The rope was way too long, so I wraped it in a loop over the shower gantry and back down to the bungie cord.
Here the shower is hanging from the top of the gantry.

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