Nosefish Shower

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This will become the shower base. I used 1/2" plywood, reused from a previous year's project in this case. It was a bit too wide, so I cut about 4" off one side and 5" off the other.
You'll need a jigsaw to cut the wood and PVC parts. This one has been to Burning Man twice!
You'll also need drill/driver (there are holes to drill and screws to put in.)
You'll need a tape measure, and a carpenter's square is useful. But, you can use a piece of paper as a square in a pinch.
You'll also need some shelf material. I used 1x12 shelves and cut them down the middle to make 4 pieces.
This one is marked for cutting down the middle.
Two shower base sides span the entire width of the shower base. The other two need to fit between the full-length ones. Measure between the full-length ones after placing them on the shower base.
Place all four shower sides on the ground (rough side down, if there is a rough side).
Place the shower base on top of the sides, rough side up (if there is a rough side).
You'll need some construction adhesive. You don't need a whole tube, but don't use "old" adhesive that has begun to dry.

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