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Deck and Shade Structure

This is the second half of the project: the plywood deck and a 1v dome on top that supports a shade cover. The 1v dome is made from 1/2" conduit. Here are the names I've given to the parts in the dome deck structure:
Plywood Deck
The plywood deck is made from two sheets of plywood. A hole in one of the cut pieces goes over the center bolt.

Wall Struts
The 10 struts that seem to spring from the corners of the plywood deck form the walls of the 1v dome. I made mine long enough so that I could stand on the deck and see under the "roof" pentagon. Mine are 75.625" long. The length is not critical, aside from the fact that all the wall struts must be the same length as each other. These are made from 1/2" conduit.

Roof Pentagon
The roof pentagon is at the top of the 1v dome. It is actually the same size as the deck pentagon and the pentagon at the top of the dome. These are made from 1/2" conduit.

Roof Radials
The five struts which connect together in the top center of the 1v dome complete the structure. The shade cover will be supported by these. I used the pieces left over from cutting the roof pentagon for the roof radials (think "zero waste!"). This made my roof flatter than a normal 1v dome, which for this application is a good idea. You don't want a big sail area to catch the wind. These are made from 1/2" conduit.

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