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1-Ton Arbor Press

This is an arbor press. Notice how it is configured for pressing struts:
  • It is bolted to my bench top through a hole in the back (not shown) so that it doesn't lift off the bench when I use it.
  • I've placed a large chunk of angle-iron steel onto the base.
  • I've placed a large block of aluminum onto the angle-iron base.
  • I've used wood shims to adjust the exact depth of the space under the press (the vertical column of steel -- it moves up and down). The depth is adjusted so that the correct amount of the pipe gets crushed. There are more details on its adjustment later.
  • Everything is clamped so it doesn't move.
In fact, you could also use a vise to crush the ends of the pipe, but I like using the press -- it is much faster and very accurate when set up properly.

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