Skating Yosemite

On 4/30/96, and the next few days I visited Yosemite National Park... with my skates. I had a profoundly good time. I have been visiting Yosemite since I was a kid, and have a deep love for the place. I wouldn't want skating to interfere with the serenity of Yosemite or disturb other people there to appreciate it. But, it is an extraordinary place to go skating I think, and I hope I can continue to skate there as long as I live.

There are no rules against skating in the park, and as long as skaters are cool, and respect the place and the other people enjoying the park, there probably won't be.

Here's what you'll find in this web:

Every thumbnail or half-sized image in this web is actually a link to a page which shows the full sized image, together with some text describing it, and there is sometimes specific information for skaters. Follow all the image links to see all of the pages in the Skating Yosemite Web.

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