Listen at the Door

live-action fantasy role playing game

Listen at the Door

Listen at the Door is a live-action fantasy role-playing game that requires no dice.
It is a game of communication and imagination, requests, consent and rewards.

While loosely similar to other fantasy role-playing games in theme, game play in Listen at the Door is completely different and wins and losses are determined collaboratively by the opponents themselves.

There are no weapons or armor. Missing are the gobs of tables and charts and complicated character sheets of most role-playing games. This game has no combat resolution charts at all!

There are magic artifacts, spells, and interesting characters. There are treasures, traps, and minion monsters. It is a rich game that is easy to play and costs nothing but time and imagination.

These rules for the game are an original work by Howard Cohen and are released under the
Creative Commons license. That means you don't have to pay anything to play this game. Be creative! Have Fun!

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The game rules are divided into four parts -- use the tabs above to reach them.
d80Part I: Game Overview
d80Part II: How to Play a Round
d80Part III: Artifacts, Spells, Character Classes, Treasure and Traps
d80Part IV: Game Master’s Guide

This game is most fun when people extend it with their own imagination. The rules contain enough information so that the game master (GM) can keep the game balanced even when players invent new rules.