Welcome to The Timefold HOME PAGE


The tmefold.com web site contains a diverse set of serious and fun content.

Here you’ll find a course on learning IBM’s ClearCasetm configuration management system, expert tips on Apple’s OS X and my latest iPhone projects, information on making geodesic domes and related structures, images by the Brother’s Hildebrandt based on JRR Tolkein’s “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”, how to make a fish hat and a portable shower, information and experiences related to inline skating, the Camp Nose Fish home page, a coolneon jellyfish, a page about RC helicopters, and much more.

And, while not directly under the timefold.com domain, there are also several other related web sites under the timefold umbrella, including fishmobile.net, pavlovskats.com, sfskaters.org and 3ddoodle.com.

So, what interests you?

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